Music with a wide range and good vibe from this New Hampshire, USA based quartet. Potent lyrics, singable melodies, tight harmonies and solid groove are all hallmarks of the BRÄSBE experience.

Thanks for visiting. 2012 was a busy and satisfying year for the band. We released our first full length album “Free Form Display” in January, played more gigs in new venues than ever before, and enjoyed evening sets at The Granite State Music Festival, The Flying Monkey, and the Baker River Arts and Music Festival. We gained more fans and expanded our social network. This original band even played a wedding! Please feel free to visit our facebook and soundcloud pages. We have entered the blogosphere on our reverbnation page, and tweeting @brasbelove. 2013 will bring more shows, radio and studio time, challenge and fun. Here’s to another great year of growth and discovery and ROCK AND ROLL.